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Setup with CUI

Generate frourio project

npx create-frourio-app --answers '{"dir":"my-project"}'
Command Prompt
npx create-frourio-app --answers ^"{\^"dir\^":\^"my-project\^"}^"

With the --answers option, create-frourio-app starts in CUI mode.

The json passed to the answers option can be generated with the following Command Generator. Refer to the internal code for json specifications as needed.

When generation is complete, localhost:8000 will be opened in your browser and the client framework you selected will be displayed. (If it does not open automatically, open localhost:8000 manually.)


If another application is using port 8000, it will probably fail to start.
In that case, the generation is already completed, so quit the application and start frourio again manually, e.g. npm run dev.


Command Generator