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Custom Entrypoint

The instance of fastify or express is created in server/service/app.ts and is started in server/entrypoint/index.ts.

  • $/service/app.ts : to access the server instance to register plugins
  • $/entrypoint/index.ts : to change the IP address or port to listen.



The following codes are modified from the code generated by create-frourio-app.

import Fastify, { FastifyServerFactory } from 'fastify'
import helmet from '@fastify/helmet'
import cors from '@fastify/cors'
import fastifyJwt from '@fastify/jwt'
import { API_JWT_SECRET, API_BASE_PATH } from '$/service/envValues'
import server from '$/$server'

export const init = (serverFactory?: FastifyServerFactory) => {
const app = Fastify({ serverFactory })
app.register(fastifyJwt, { secret: API_JWT_SECRET })
server(app, { basePath: API_BASE_PATH })
return app
import { init } from '$/service/app'
import { API_SERVER_PORT } from '$/service/envValues'

init().listen(API_SERVER_PORT, '')