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Lifecycle and Hooks

Lifecycle in Frourio

Both frourio and frourio-express provide hooks that take a form similar to fastify.

The overall lifecycle is shown in the figure below, and hooks such as onRequest, preParsing, preValidation, and preHandler can be defined.

Two Types of Hooks

Frourio provides two types of hooks: controller-level hooks and directory-level hooks.

  • Controller-level Hooks: called at the current endpoints.
  • Directory-level Hooks: called at the current and subordinate endpoints.

If both hooks are to be called, Directory-level Hooks is called first.

Define Hooks

To define hooks, use the function defineHooks exported by ./$relay.ts.

  • Controller-level Hooks: define in controller.ts.
  • Directory-level Hooks: define in hooks.ts at the top of the target directory.

Function defineHooks

Argument Type

  • function (fastify: FastifyInstance) => Hooks
    • Hooks : An object having the hooks name as keys and the handler functions (or its array) as values.

Hooks Handler

Argument Type

done is the function to continue with the lifecycle.


The done callback is not available when using async/await or returning a Promise. If you do invoke a done callback in this situation unexpected behavior may occur, e.g. duplicate invocation of handlers.

ref. Hooks - Fastify