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From installation to deployment

in one command

All you need is TypeScript

Setup procedure

It can be easily set up via GUI.

Step 1

Select Front-end Framework

Step 2

Select Back-end Framework

Step 3

Select O/R mapper

Step 4

Select DataBase

Step 5

Setup CI

Step 6

Select Deploy Server

Type-Driven Development

API type definition on server/api/users/index.ts

export type Methods = {
get: {
resBody: {
id: number;
name: string;

Backend: fix type error on server/api/users/controller.ts

import { defineController } from './$relay';
export default defineController(() => ({
get: () => ({
status: 200,
body: { id: 0, name: 'mario' },

Frontend: request from pages/index.tsx

import useAspidaSWR from '@aspida/swr';
import { apiClient } from '~/utils/apiClient';
const Home = () => {
const { data: user } = useAspidaSWR(apiClient.users);
return <div>{}</div>;
export default Home;

TypeScript checks the entire application statically.

Since API type definition forces the controller type and http request, the test code is not necessary for communication.

Setting up a full-stack development environment is simple, so the product can be completed quickly and safely.

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