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Why Frourio?

What is Frourio?

Frourio is a CLI tool that enables static type checking by Typescript for communication between client-side and server-side. It generates bridging files and thus it provides you type-based development.

It is easy to build with any combinations of the client side and the server side frameworks supported by Frourio.

Why Frourio?

Even though we were developing both the client-side and server-side application in TypeScript, it is hard to program the API requests between them type-safe.

So we were forced to write TypeScript "twice". And we have spent a lot of time testing with those browsers and servers.

Two TypeScript Two TypeScript

But with Frourio, they can be "connected" by type. Frourio improves greatly the development experience with "connected" TypeScript.

One TypeScript One TypeScript

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